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Template:Grid/Crafting Table/doc

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This template is used to create a grid that looks similar to the Crafting GUI screen.

Usage[modifica sorgente]

Basic usage[modifica sorgente]

{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=  |B1=  |C1=  |D1=  |E1=  
|A2=  |B2=  |C2=  |D2=  |E2= 
|A3=  |B3=  |C3=  |D3=  |E3=  
|A4=  |B4=  |C4=  |D4=  |E4=  
|A5=  |B5=  |C5=  |D5=  |E5=  

Examples[modifica sorgente]

{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=  |B1=  |C1=  |D1= IngotIron  |E1=  
|A2=  |B2=  |C2=  |D2= Stick |E2= IngotIron   
|A3=  |B3=  |C3= Stick  |D3=  |E3=  
|A4=  |B4= Stick  |C4=  |D4=  |E4=  
|A5=  |B5=  |C5=  |D5=  |E5=  
|Output= Fireaxe,1
|time= 10 min


Stick IngotIron Fireaxe1


Grid layout Arrow (small).png


Crafting time: 10 min

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